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Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest To Hold 100th Event In April

Milwaukee, WI—The Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest’s board of directors has announced a momentous milestone: the 100th event in the contest’s history will take place here in less than two months.

Established in 1916, the competition has been a cornerstone of dairy products training, education, and sensory evaluation throughout its existence.

To mark the 100th event, the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest will be hosting a special centennial celebration event on Wednesday, Apr. 17, at CheeseExpo in Milwaukee, during the awards ceremony right before the World Championship Cheese Contest Cheese Auction.

The Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest itself will take place earlier in the day on Apr. 17.

Because of its commercial importance, butter was the only product judged at the first Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest, held in 1916 and known at that time as the Students Butter Judging Contest.

The contest was held in connection with the National Dairy Show, sponsored by the National Dairy Association.

Cheddar cheese and fluid milk were added to the contest in 1917, ice cream was added in 1926, cottage cheese was added in 1962, and finally yogurt was added in 1977.

The contest has been held every year except during World Wars I and II (there was no contest in 1918 and from 1942 through 1946) and during COVID-19 (there was no contest in 2020 or 2021). That’s why the contest itself is over 100 years old but this year’s contest will be the 100th event in the contest’s history.

In the century-plus in which the contest has been held, five generations of college students have been trained in sensory methods of evaluating the quality of the six dairy products judged. The number of college teams over the years has ranged from just three in 1917, the contest’s second year, to 33 in 1956.

The contest represents the culmination of an intense training of students by college professors who are experts in produc



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