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New American National Standard/3-A Sanitary Standards For General Requirements Available

McLean, VA—3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) has announced the release of ANSI/3-A 00-00-2014, 3-A Sanitary Standards for General Requirements.

This new American National Standard (ANS) establishes minimum sanitary (hygienic) requirements for design, materials, and fabrication/installation of equipment and systems.

This new General Requirements standard is intended for use on a voluntary basis by equipment and machinery fabricators, processors, and regulatory agencies, and by other Standard Developer Organizations (SDOs) to help assure that adequate public health protections exist for the equipment or systems used in the production of food products, 3-A SSI explained.

Specifically, the standard defines the general requirements for hygienic equipment intended for processing milk, milk products, foods, food ingredients, beverages, or other edible materials.

3-A SSI developed this document as a future normative reference and primary source of hygienic design criteria for 3-A Sanitary Standards and for 3-A Symbol authorization.

3-A SSI developed the new General Requirements standard in accordance with ANSI procedures to obtain designation as an ANS to help assure broad outreach to all interested parties and to encourage participation in the project.

Work on the new standard began in 2011 and the final document reflects the cooperative efforts of many industry experts including equipment manufacturers, food and beverage product processors, and regulatory sanitarians.

3-A SSI plans to host a public webinar session to help orient all interested equipment fabricators, processors, regulatory professionals, and others on the content and application of the new General Requirements.

For webinar schedule information, visit www.3-a.org or contact Eric Schweitzer of 3-A SSI at erics@3-a.org.

A copy of the new standard is now available from 3-A SSI at www.3-a.org