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USDA Announces Updated Quantity-Based Safeguard Trigger Levels For Dairy Imports

USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), in a notice published in Monday’s Federal Register, announced the updated quantity-based trigger levels for dairy and other products which may be subject to additional import duties under the safeguard provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Agriculture.

Article 5 of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture provides that additional import duties may be imposed on imports of products subject to tariffication as a result of the Uruguay Round, if certain conditions are met.

The agreement permits additional duties to be charged if the price of an individual shipment of imported products falls below the average price for similar goods imported during the years 1986-88 by a specified percentage.

It also permits additional duties to be imposed if the volume of imports of an article exceeds the average of the most recent three years for which data are available by 5, 10, or 25 percent, depending on the article. These additional duties may not be imposed on quantities for which minimum or current access commitments were made during the Uruguay Round negotiations, and only one type of safeguard, price or quantity, may be applied at any given time to an article.

Following are the quantity-based safeguard trigger levels for various cheese and dairy products for calendar year 2015, with comparisons to the safeguard trigger levels for calendar year 2014:

NSPF (not specifically provided for) cheese: 110.9 million pounds, up 8.6 million pounds.

Swiss cheese with eye formation: 59 million pounds, .. Send me more information.