Front Page - October 2, 2015 • Volume 140, No. 15

USDA Hearing Sought On Modified ‘Wichita Option’ For Organic Milk
The Organic Trade Association (OTA) this week requested that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) call a hearing to amend all federal milk marketing orders to provide organic milk handlers who make an annual election with an alternative mechanism, based upon the historical “Wichita Option,” for meeting their producer-settlement fund obligations. ....

US Cheese Production Rose 3.5% In August Despite 3.4% Drop In California; Butter, Yogurt, Lactose Production Declines

US cheese production during August totaled 974.4 million pounds, up 3.5 percent from August of 2014, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Thursday. ...


With Imports Exceeding 2015 Trigger Level, USDA Invokes Duty On Certain Imports Of Butter

USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) today released a notification of invocation of a special agricultural safeguard duty on imports of butter and fresh or sour cream containing over 45 percent by weight of butterfat....

Per Capita Cheese Consumption Topped 34 Pounds In 2014, New USDA Figures Show
er capita cheese consumption in the US last year was a record high 34.17 pounds, up 0.54 pounds from 2013, according to figures released this week by USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS).
Per capita cheese consumption has now increased for seven consecutive years, after falling to 32.39 pounds in 2008, the lowest level since 2005.
For the fifth consecutive year, per capita consumption of Italian-type cheeses topped..



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Alfa Laval Introduces New Rotary Jet Mixer

General Machinery Corp Introduces Single Direction Horizontal Cheese Cutter

Creative Design & Engineering Gets Patent for Invention Directed To The Production of Cheese Sticks, String Cheese

Kelley Supply Expands Case Packaging Offerings

Amaltheys Analyzer From Spectralys Innovation Measures Soluble Proteins Within Minutes

Chr. Hansen Introduces Phage Robust Adjunct Culture That Increases Fat Perception of Fresh Dairy Products

Extrutech Plastics Introduces P1600 Flat Panels for Walls, Ceilings

Magnetic Mat fro Powder-Solutions Controls Transfer of Ferrous Metail Into Sensitive Areas

Data Specialists Has New Liquid Scheduling Software Module

Sanitary Design Industries Introduces Technology For Environmental Controls In Cheese Aging, Drying, Curing, Storage Rooms

DSM Introduces Total Solution of Culture, Enzymes for Continental Cheese Like Gouda, Edam

Johnson Industries Receives Patent for Pasta Filata Production Methods

New Grating Rig Measures Force Needed to Grate Cheese into Shreds


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EDCO Food Products Receives Safe Quality Food Certification Fully Automated 40-Pound Cheese Block De-Boxing, De-Bagging And In-Line Block Tracking Available United Industries Adds Larger Size Stainless Steel Tubing For Increased Volume Throughput CrystalBan™ Prevents Calcium Lactate Crystals In American-Type Cheese; Improves Yield