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While Millennials Influence Current Food Trends, Marketers Look To Generation Z

Madison—Millennials and their disposable income are heavily influencing consumer food buying trends, from non-GMO to BST-free and sustainably produced dairy products to the importance of social justice in food manufacturing.

And yet while it’s critical to recognize the demands of this demographic, dairy marketers also need to look ahead to an even larger buying group – Generation Z.

A panel of leading dairy industry marketers gathered here last week during the Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference (WCIC) to discuss opportunities and challenges in selling dairy products to the “Me Generation.”

Cathy Strange, global cheese buyer for Whole Foods Market, said in her business, she’s already looking to the next generation. By 2025, Millennials are out – it’s a very short time-line we’re dealing with here.

“I think Millennials are living at home, and that’s why they have this disposable income,” Strange said. “Their whole lifestyle is going to change over the next 10 to 15 years.”

“What they are is more educated, so what are they going to keep and adopt? We’re going to see a great translation around that.”

“We should be looking way, way ahead,” Strange said. “We’re now running behind if we’re trying to catch millennials and trying to market to them.”

“They’re also exposed to a lot of different food. Do you remember what you were eating growing up? It was a very limited assortment and variety. Now you can get foods from around the world.”

The international dairy industry can be heavily influenced by Oceania and the European Union (EU), and we are every day, Cathy Strange said.

For Whole Foods Market shoppers, health and wellness is a priority, and our number one attribute in terms of the company is trust, Strange said.

Customers come in and they know there’s not going to be any artificial ingredients and our products are free of preservatives,


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