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Comments Address Pros, Cons Of California Federal Order Proposal
USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) received more than 30 comments from dairy entities in response to its proposal to establish a federal milk marketing order for the state of California.
AMS had issued its proposed rule establishing a California federal order in February, and accepted comments on that proposal through Monday, May 15.
Several comments addressed the issue of whether a California federal order is justified based on ....

Trump Administration Announces Intent To Renegotiate NAFTA; Dairy Groups Back Call To Modernize Pact

United States Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer has notified Congress that President Trump intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.
NAFTA “was negotiated 25 years ago, and while our economy and businesses have changed con ....


Global Dairy Trade Price Index Posts 5th Straight Increase; Seven Of Eight Product Prices Rise

The price index on this week’s semi-monthly Global Dairy Trade (GDT) dairy commodity auction increased 3.2 percent from the previous auction, held two weeks ago.
That marked the fifth consecutive increase in the GDT price index. The last time the index declined was in March’s first auction. ...

Innovation Center Launches Multi-Year Effort To Reintroduce Consumers To Dairy
The Innovation Center for US Dairy, in partnership with dairy farmers and importers, this week launched “Undeniably DairyTM,” a multi-year effort to reintroduce consumers to dairy.
Planning for the campaign has been in the works “for quite some time now,” according to Scott Wallin, director of consumer confidence at Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI). He feels the program is “going to be a real game-changer for the industry.”
“Through the Innovation Center for US Dairy, the dairy community has worked together ..



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WeighPack Offers Comprehensive Cheese Weighing Solution: PrimoCombi 0.5L

G-M-I’s New Strainer Barrier Gasket Accepted For Use In USDA Inspected Plants

GEA Teams Up With GE To Develop ‘GE Blister Free’ RO Membranes For Dairy Industry

Technopak Opens USA Division To Service, Maintain Dairy Powder Packaging Machines

Powder-Solutions Inc. Offers MAGNATTACK’s RapidClean Swing-Away Magnet Grate

Nelson-Jameson Launches Its First Department-Specific Catalog: Lab•alog

With Rheolution’s CoaguSens, Cheese Makers Can Determine Best Curd Cutting Firmness

RELCO Set To Rollout Upgrades To Stoelting Cheese Equipment As Part Of Rebranding Effort





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EDCO Food Products Receives Safe Quality Food Certification Fully Automated 40-Pound Cheese Block De-Boxing, De-Bagging And In-Line Block Tracking Available United Industries Adds Larger Size Stainless Steel Tubing For Increased Volume Throughput CrystalBan™ Prevents Calcium Lactate Crystals In American-Type Cheese; Improves Yield